How to Choose Between Tantaly Realistic Sex Dolls? Honest Review

How to Choose Between Tantaly Realistic Sex Dolls? Honest Review

When do people decide to buy a sex doll? I think when the interest in masturbation becomes a thirst for bodily contact and intercourse. Sex with a doll only imitates sex with a person, but the lack of live communication has many advantages for some people.

What are the Tantaly Dolls and how does it work?

Tantaly is a California-based company that creates realistic but affordable sex dolls. Their story begins with a guy named Steven, who is unhappy with the size and high cost of full-size sex dolls on the market. Therefore, he created his own production of masturbators for men and anyone with a penis.

So, Tantaly Dolls are masturbators in the form of a human torso and have a vulva, vagina, anus, breasts, penis, and ass. These dolls do not have full-size legs, arms, and head, which may seem strange. Tantaly has many models, including dolls with curvy or athletic shapes, asses only or large torsos with hips, man and transgender torsos.

Comfort & Satisfaction

Dolls by Tantaly have textured simulated «holes» of a real girl or a penis. The realism of the carvings is reinforced by the TPE material, which is the most similar to the human skin. However, before using it, you should warm the doll’s holes with a Heating Rod from the kit because they are cold. I’m not talking about «insensitivity».

Bouncing boobs and butt’s kickback can distract you from this fact. Especially if you’re tired of regular masturbators but don’t want to spend much money on a sex doll like RealDoll. Sex with Tantaly Dolls is no less enjoyable and no less realistic in sensations.

Tech, form & design

To choose a doll, you need to think about several questions:

  • How much space do you have in your apartment to store a doll?

Choose between small butts, torsos, or bodies with legs (knee-high) from Tantaly. The most petite options, such as the Dita mini doll, weigh 9.26 lbs and are 13.39’ long. The largest Monroe is 68.34 lbs and 32.68’ long.

  • Does the absence of arms, legs, and head on a toy scare you?

The dolls’ bodies look very realistic. The breasts are filled with gel; they bounce and feel good to squeeze (really good to squeeze?). The buttocks are also movable and pliable. Cover her ends with a blanket or focus on the tactile sensations rather than the visual.

  • What female body shapes do you like?

Tantaly offers athletic girls (like Aurora) and chubby girls in the BBW category. But you can also get a Channing guy or a Sarina trans doll.

  • Are you ready to take good care of the toy?

Each doll has its own unique carving pattern and vaginal and anus openings length. All of them are textured intricate and mimic natural human orifices. To keep the masturbator fresh and usable, you must carry your doll from the bedroom to the bathroom and meticulously rinse the holes. For drying, you will find special diatomaceous earth sticks in the kit.

How to use Tantaly Dolls

If you are ready to start trying out your Tantaly toys right away after unpacking them, yes, wash them first. Prepare a towel to put under the doll because, during the first use, the material may give off the paint (this is not critical). And then?

  1. Heat the holes with the Heating Rod.
  2. Apply lubricant to your penis and sex doll’s vulva.
  3. Find the best position for masturbation.
  4. Enjoy!


All dolls are made of TPE, a thermoplastic waterproof elastomer with properties of rubber and plastic. The US FDA has approved Tantaly to use this material, which proves it is safe for the body. However, TPE is still porous, so careful care is crucial.


A huge variety of models of Tantaly Dolls has a correspondingly wide range of prices: from $150 for the most minor representative of Dita to $1100 for Morgpie (a 3D copy of a porn star) with a complete set of accessories.

Up to $100, you can buy additional accessories, heaters, dehumidifiers, or clothes for your dolls.

What do people say about Tantaly Dolls

«The quality of this product is super incredible considering how much your pay for it. The skin,softness and the openings are a 10/10. I’m a 7 and I was worried about the holes being to small but you don’t have to worry because they are so stretchy and it’s creates and even tighter feeling!»

«I love it when the package arrived, I wanted it to be discreet which they did an excellent job. Not only the box was covered in another box, it was also covered in another box so 3 total for discreet packaging. The main product box is beautifully designed and inside are 2 large foams to protect from damage.»

«Overall a wonder piece of TPE. The breasts are softer than one would expect, and the metal skeleton helps the toy keep its shape. The cleaning is a bit of a pain, but with an enema of some kind it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.»

Perfect for who seeks something more

…something more than a regular masturbator. If you’ve enjoyed the possibilities of conventional masturbators and want to have a more realistic experience with sex toys for an affordable price, Tantaly Dolls are the right choice.

Final Overview


  • very realistic sensations from touching the toy and masturbation;
  • affordable price;
  • waterproof;
  • a wide range of models to suit different tastes.


  • porosity of the material;
  • complicated care;
  • are not suitable for traveling;
  • difficult to hide from roommates.

Tantaly Dolls is your intermediate sex toy between Tenga Flip Zero and RealDoll Sexdolls. That is, you can already afford to buy a more expensive toy, but you’re still not ready for a full-size doll in the bed.

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