What Is Unusual? Sohimi Simon Review: Realistic Sex Doll With Balls

What Is Unusual? Sohimi Simon Review: Realistic Sex Doll With Balls

An unexpected design for a sex doll is Simon by Sohimi with balls. Simon is soft, portable, and silicone, but it has its specifics. Read on to find out what to expect.

What is the Sohimi Simon and how does it work?

Simon by Sohimi is a small, realistic gay sex doll with testicles. The toy has only one entrance and is a masturbator for anyone with a penis, regardless of orientation. The anal canal is modeled with a 3D printer and has beads, knots, protrusions, and voids. The one-sidedness of the canal creates a vacuum effect when jerking off with Simon.

The relative lightness of the Simon sex doll offers several options for its use. She is easier to clean, carry, change positions, and integrate into couples’ sex. Since the sex doll does not have additional mechanisms to stimulate the penis, do not count on a rapid orgasm or explosion of emotions. Simon will bring you mild, moderate pleasure and the hassle of drying for a bit of money.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The visual effect with the Simon’s balls is a firestarter. Unusually, this combination includes an anus, balls, and no penis. Simon’s most relevant position is lying on a flat surface, and you enter him from behind (in both senses). If you feel strong enough to masturbate with a 6-pound object, try it. Or, place the toy on your hips, slide it down to your knees, and back up again. But before doing so, lubricate your feet to reduce the friction of the toy.

Simon by Sohimi is a soft toy inside and out. If you close your eyes and enter the toy without hands, you can imagine it’s real sex. Wiggling Simon and tapping your balls against his makes jerking off pleasure. The stimulation is regular, pleasant, and without fireworks, so people with low penis sensitivity may not find Simon enough.

Form & design

The Simon sex doll has a buttocks design with balls and an anus. The toy size is compact, so it is convenient to hold it with both hands and masturbate. Also, holding her in your hands will make you feel big, no matter your size. But the fact that this is not a full-size doll resembles its «partiality». Simon’s weight is 6.6 lbs, his hip-width is 10.8″, his height - 4.3″, and his length is almost 7.9″.

The flat base of the toy lies comfortably on any surface and does not slip. If the missionary pose isn’t enough for you, or if it’s hard to hold Simon with your hands for a long time, try putting him (or yourself) on the Liberator Wedge sex pillow.

How to use the Sohimi Simon?

Follow my quick guide on how to use a sex doll with balls best:

  1. Apply plenty of water lubricant inside the opening and on the penis.
  2. Try The Grand Slam sex position.
  3. Slide Simon on the penis while holding it on your lap.
  4. Clean the toy thoroughly and dry the anal canal.


Simon by Sohimi is made of soft silicone that easily compresses, stretches, and shakes. There is a suspicion that Simon has TPE impurities, which usually adds more realism to sex dolls. But let’s believe what is written.

For care, use warm water and mild soap after each use. The compactness of the toy allows you to wash it simply in the sink, unlike the full-sized and heavy RealDoll. Take care to keep the toy’s anal canal dry to avoid mold. You can buy special clay sticks to dry such channels.


On the official website of Sohimi, Simon costs $116. It is a reasonable price for a realistic sex doll, also unusual because it has testicles.

What do people say about Sohimi Simon?

«It honestly felt like the real thing (IMO)! It’s not tight like putting your finger into your fist. HOWEVER, it’s not loosey-goosey either! The ridges on the inside are amazing it had me moaning, so I would recommend it for anyone for a first toy. It’s very easy to clean. It’s heavy and that’s about it. I love it!»

«Very supple and bouncy»

«The texture of the toy is soft and flexible. It quickly adjust to your body temperature when using it. There is a lot of suction inside. The only downside for me is the tunnel could be deeper. Great toy»

Perfect for gentle stimulation

Comparing Simon to masturbators like Keon by Kiiroo, I’d say it gives you more restrained sensations because all the stimulation comes only from your movements. Technical masturbators are designed to cause storms and waves or to break through the bottom of penile insensitivity. Sohimi Simon is softer and more gentle.

Final Overview


  • portable size
  • visual appeal due to the testicles
  • price
  • gentleness
  • realistic sensations


  • care
  • for some users, weak stimulation

I think Simon by Sohimi is a great sex doll option for those who don’t want a full-size expensive doll that is difficult to care for. If you like compact realism, then you will like Simon.

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