Are Powerful Vibrations a Blessing or a Curse? Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Men Vibrator Review

Are Powerful Vibrations a Blessing or a Curse? Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Men Vibrator Review

Hot Octopuss has a whole collection of Pulse Solo vibrators. The Essential is the simplest toy among the rest. But will it be simple for you? Read below.

What is the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential and how does it work?

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential is a vibrating hands-free masturbator for all sizes of penises. It’s a “guybrator” because Hot Octopuss has created a unique name for these toy types. You can also find the Pulse Solo Essential under Pulse Solo III.

The guybrator works on the shaft and glans of the penis, encompassing it with two wings. Essential is suitable for use without hands or with them on a calm and erect penis. The Pulse Solo Essential pays special attention to the frenulum; it can lift a guy even with erectile dysfunction. Although this toy is a universal size, it is unsuitable for very large or small penises.

Comfort & Satisfaction

You can use the Pulse Solo Essential without hands and lubricant. In this case, you must insert the penis into the toy in a flaccid state. The frenulum should be located on the “crown” button explicitly designed for it. This principle of use is realized by the patented PulsePlate technology. Powerful vibration promises to bring you to orgasm without additional movements. But it can also cause numbness if you are very sensitive to vibration.

But you can also add water lubricant and masturbate the Pulse Solo Essential back and forth. The grooves on the contact surface will add extra stimulation, and you will feel the vibration throughout the penis. However, this guybrator cannot cover the penis as wide as, for example, the Kiiroo Keon stroker.

Tech, form & design

Imagine a sea stingray wrapping its wings around your penis - that’s what Pulse Solo Essential by Hot Octopuss looks like. The contact inner surface has a corrugation and a platform with a crown on it. The toy is black and has a restrained design.

On the outer surface on the sides of the Pulse Solo Essential are buttons for turning it on and switching between 6 speeds and 8 vibration patterns. The buttons are positioned ergonomically to your thumb and index finger if you wrap your palm around the toy from below. To press them, use a little force because they are not soft. The motor can accelerate up to 3950 rpm, providing a strong vibration.

It takes 1.5 hours to charge and the included plug wire. A full battery will last for 45 minutes of playtime. The dimensions of the Pulse Solo Essential by Hot Octopuss are 4.6’ x 2.6’ x 2.8’, and the weight reaches 0.41 lbs.

How to use the Pulse Solo Essential

Either way, you use the guybrator will lead you to orgasm; follow my short instructions:

  1. Insert the calm penis inside the toy.
  2. Place the frenulum on the crowned platform and turn on the vibration for a hands-free way.
  3. Add lubricant and stroke back in by your hands.
  4. Enjoy.


Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential is covered with silicone and has ABS plastic elements. The toy is easy to clean with water and mild soap, as it is completely waterproof and suitable for guybration in the shower.


This toy from Hot Octopuss is loud at approximately 55-60 dB, except for noise while using.


The guybrator Pulse Solo Essential costs $100 on the official website and Amazon. But I always insist on buying sex toys from authorized representatives.

What do people say about the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential?

«This toy has been fun to play with - especially having my partner use it on me. I’m average-sized and it fits quite nicely, though it could definitely accommodate someone much larger due to its flexible ‘wings’. My only complaint is that the vibrations are maybe a bit TOO strong, even on the lowest settings. If you try to use this toy exclusively, you’ll probably go numb before you can finish. However, it can be a great way to achieve an explosive, toe tingling orgasm if you get warmed up first and use it to tease out the finish.»

«Totally different experience from other toys. Love it!»

«Having the product for only a couple of months, all of a sudden it started to make a much louder buzzing noise when anything slightly pressed against the PulsePlate.»

Perfect for guybrator fans

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is a vibrator with a radically different pleasure mechanism than jerk-off sleeves. It has a strong vibration, so it is ideal for men with low sensitivity or erectile dysfunction.

If your penis is highly sensitive, choose a more gentle vibrator Gush by Lovense.

Final Overview


  • powerful vibrations;
  • helps with erectile dysfunction;
  • targeted action on the frenulum;
  • different ways of using it;
  • universal size;
  • waterproof.


  • loud;
  • too strong for sensitive penises;
  • there are reviews of malfunctions and quick breakdowns.

I think that the versatility of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential vibrator suits most men. But its power can be both a blessing and a curse. Weigh the pros and cons before you buy.

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