Looking for a Private Sex Assistant? Fun Factory Manta Penis Masturbator Review

Looking for a Private Sex Assistant? Fun Factory Manta Penis Masturbator Review

The vibration and simple design of the Manta penis masturbator from Fun Factory promises users a lot of fun. Indeed, this toy is versatile and can vibrate the entire penis and every intimate spot on the body, including women’s. Does it work as intended?

What is the Fun Factory Manta and how does it work?

Manta is a vibrating penis wand masturbator from Fun Factory. It’s a toy suitable for couples, oral, and solo sex. Manta wraps the penis with soft silicone «wings» and is ideal for all sizes. The vibration is generated in the region where these wings are connected to the toy’s body and spread around the penis. The toy design allows you to pay special attention to the sensitive frenulum or, on the contrary, to stay at the base. So, there are many variations of using Manta.

Comfort & Satisfaction

Start vibrating on an unerect penis. The Manta has grooves on the inner rim of the wings that trap the lubricant for easy sliding along the penis shaft. In the middle, between the wing’s base, is a groove designed to stimulate the frenulum.

Masturbation with Manta by Fun Factory is more interesting than without it. But most likely, you will have to stimulate one area on the penis by Manta and finish the job with your free hand. Or try placing the Manta at the base and using another masturbator on the head, such as the Tenga Egg.

It’s the same during a blowjob: play with the Manta and caress the penis like a hand, but to achieve orgasm, leave it at the base while the lips occupy the head. In the couple’s sex, Manta turns the penis into a live vibrator, transmitting rumbling waves inside the shaft and partner. It’s also not very convenient to stroke it, but you get other benefits.

Tech, form & design

So, the Manta by Fun Factory looks like a 6.6’ long wand with a split end to cover the penis. The soft silicone flat parts cover completely if your size is up to 1.3’. The wings are partially covered if you’re bigger. The area in contact with the penis has recesses for additional stimulation and lubrication retention.

The black handle is shaped like a loop, making it easy to hold and control the toy. There are only three buttons on it: the red «Fun» button turns the device on and off, and the «+» and «-» ones switch between 6 speeds and 6 vibration patterns.

The Manta takes 6 hours to charge for 2 hours of continuous use and has a magnetic charging system.

How to use the Manta by Fun Factory

To unlock Manta by Fun Factory, simultaneously hold the “Fun” and “+” buttons and prepare a water lubricant. You are ready to start.

  1. Turn on the toy with the «Fun» button.
  2. Find the most pleasant point if you are solo.
  3. Place the toy between each other if you are in a pair.
  4. Stroke your penis with the vibrating wand during a blowjob.


The fun part of Manta masturbator is made of medical-grade velvet silicone and the handle - durable ABS plastic. The entire structure of the device is entirely waterproof, so feel free to clean Manta under the tap and have fun with it in the shower.


Manta is much quieter than the Magic Wand Original, although it has a deep rumbling sound. It’s good to know that neighbors won’t hear your intimate games.


The Manta device costs almost 110 euros on the official website. I always recommend buying such devices from authorized resellers in the first place, even though it may be cheaper on Amazon.

What do people say about the Fun Factory Manta?

«I will say, my first time I wasn’t super impressed, I was like… ok… it gets the job done but not sure it’s for me… But then by the 3rd or 4th time I used it, it clicked, the deep vibrations that you can kind of adjust where you apply the pressure is pretty insane, it gives a feeling I’ve never experienced before and I’ve been finding myself using it almost every time I have some alone time.»

«It’s amazing. Lube it and yourself up. Wrap it around you then slide up and down the bottom side of your shaft nice and slow, treating the Manta as an extension of/replacement for your hand. The different vibration settings are fun to play with and find your favorites.»

«After half a year, the battery no longer charges… i.e. electronic waste. I’m probably not the only one who bought this defect.»

Perfect for extra fun

Imagine that Manta is an extension of your hand but with a vibration. It adds a pleasant sensation and variety to any sex. But if you are looking for a more self-sufficient masturbator, pay attention to Kiiroo Keon.

Final Overview


  • waterproof;
  • safe materials;
  • quiet;
  • universal;


  • some users report a battery failure;
  • not comfortable for long stroking;
  • needs additional stimulation.

In my opinion, masturbator Manta by Fun Factory is a great toy to buy in addition to other sex devices in your arsenal. It is excellent to start foreplay and complement all sexual activities in bed and the shower.

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