Are You Ready To Advance Anal Game? LELO Loki Wave Prostate Massager Review

Are You Ready To Advance Anal Game? LELO Loki Wave Prostate Massager Review

What do you want for your birthday? I’m guessing that if you’re here, you already know. The Loki Wave prostate massager by LELO will take anal pleasure to the next level. But is it really that simple? Just read on.

What is the LELO Loki Wave and how does it work?

The Loki Wave is a vibrating prostate massager by LELO with two motors for simultaneous action on the prostate and perineum. One of them is located in the main head, which is inserted anally, and the other motor is in the outer process, which lies under the balls during use.

Loki Wave is an improved version of Mona Wave. LELO added an external handle with a motor and a back-and-forth movement of the prostate shaft, imitating the movement of fingers. That is, this toy vibrates and massages at the same time.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The Loki Wave sends powerful vibrations deep into the body, inside and out. This toy is not small so that you can feel it. Due to the triple action, the entire pelvic area is stimulated simultaneously as if in 3D space. But most importantly, it hits exactly the prostate stimulation zone.

It would be more convenient if the Loki Wave had a remote control because you must always reach for the switch on the handle. Of course, you can’t always hold it with your hands. If you let go of the toy, its handle will take over part of the movement, but on the other hand, it will act even more on the perineal area with the outer shoulder.

Tech, form & design

The main head is specially shaped for easy insertion - a pointed end with a gentle widening and tapering to the base. It always sits as if in its native place when inserted because of its design and stays there until the end.

When you turn on the toy, you will get to the lowest intensity level and start switching to a higher one after 5 minutes to get used to it. Also, turn on «come here» after warming up.

The size of the Loki Wave prostate massager by LELO measures 3.6" x 7.7" x 1.7". The diameter of the large arm is 1.47", and the length is 3.9". The toy can be charged with a wire for 2 hours and works for 2 hours.

How to use the LELO Loki Wave?

Always read the instructions before using your new sex toys. In the meantime, check out my little guide for the Loki Wave:

  1. Apply plenty of water-based lubricant (try LELO personal moisturizer)
  2. Gently insert the toy anally and find the most comfortable fit
  3. Turn on the toy and gradually adjust the intensity to your liking
  4. Enjoy


LELO Loki Wave is covered with a thin, delicate layer of silicone and has a handle made of safe ABS plastic. This toy is available in two colors: obsidian black and federal blue. It is also completely waterproof.


The volume of the Loki Wave reaches 50 dB, which means that this toy is of medium volume. The robotic sound of the back-and-forth oscillation mechanism is especially distinguished. With complete silence in the apartment, you can hear the Lelo prostate massager from another room.


On LELO’s official website, the Loki Wave costs $189, while on Amazon, it costs $151.

What do people say about Loki Wave by LELO?

«The product is well made. It has great movement and vibration. But for me it did not hit that warm spot over my prostate. Everyone is different. Also I need a product that the object moves side to side and in circles. This product fails in those areas.»

«OH MY GOD!!!! It took me a little while to relax enough to get it in, but once it was in, I was very comfortable.»

«I love love LOVE this thing!!!! At first I that the handle was a pain because I like to insert these and walk around the house and what not. But now I like the handle because I can sit back, relax and use the handle to oppose the come hither motion. I will own one of these til the day I die!!»

Perfect for advanced users

The LELO Loki Wave prostate massager is a large toy with several functions, so it’s better suited for more experienced men. For beginners in anal play, I would recommend paying attention to the small Rimming Plug by b-Vibe.

Final Overview

I think LELO Loki Wave is a good toy with an unusual action mechanism, strong vibrations, and several stimulation options at once. Logically, such a tasty set will have a high price.


  • precise hit at P-point
  • two separate vibration motors
  • «come here» movement with the anal shoulder
  • perineal stimulation
  • waterproof


  • price
  • some users talk about the fragility of the structure
  • needs a lot of water lube

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