Do You Want Double the Strength? Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager Review

Do You Want Double the Strength? Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager Review

Anal sex requires constant training. At some point you will feel ready for the next stage. LELO Hugo is a prostate massager that will make you fall in love with vibrations. But what’s wrong with it?

What is the LELO Hugo and how does it work?

The LELO Hugo is a wireless prostate vibrator with two heads. It has a remote control with extraordinary touch sensitivity. The two heads have separate vibration motors to penetrate deep into the body with their waves. The Hugo massager is large enough not to get lost inside, but also to sit in one place. But sometimes there are problems with the toy slipping out.

LELO has taken the prostate game to the next level because this massager has only 6 vibration modes, but they are strong. Real men’s reviews tell us one thing in common - you can have an incredible orgasm without using your hands.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The Hugo by LELO has a smooth velvety finish and a smoothed inner head for easy insertion. It reaches the prostate with precision, while the outer arm rests on the perineum under the scrotum. The simultaneous operation of two motors triggers an orgasm in minutes. And to add eroticism to couples’ sex, use the remote control.

The Hugo prostate massager is not suitable for every male anatomy. If you know that you need a larger prostate toy, then maybe Hugo will be too small for you (look at the Loki Wave by LELO). Otherwise, you can use crotchless underwear for additional fixation of the toy in your ass.

Tech, form & design

The Hugo vibrator has 6 intensity modes and 6 vibration patterns: from a low, steady rumble to a high buzzing sound with pauses. You can switch them on the toy itself or on the remote control. You need AAA batteries for it (they are included) and the toy is charged from a wire with a plug. The toy measures 5.17" x 6.61" x 1.61" and weighs 4 ounces.

The remote control is equipped with Sensemotion technology that has two modes. The first one intensifies the vibration by 10% to 100% if the remote is turned from horizontal to vertical (sideways). In the second mode, you need to shake the remote in different directions: the faster, the stronger the vibration.

How to use the LELO Hugo?

Follow my short instructions to properly use the Hugo prostate vibrator:

  1. Apply a large amount of water-based lubricant to the toy (Personal moisturizer by LELO)
  2. Relax, breathe deeply and slowly insert the toy into your anus
  3. Switch between intensity speeds and find your perfect one
  4. Enjoy!


LELO Hugo is covered with delicate waterproof silicone. The coating of the toy is non-porous and inert to bacteria. I don’t advise you to take it in the shower or immerse it in the bath, because the charging port cap looks like it can let water through. But, of course, feel free to wash the massager under water using antibacterial soap.


LELO Hugo is a medium-volume sex toy that doesn’t cause any unnecessary hassle when used.


LELO has its own online store where the Hugo prostate massager costs $189.

What do people say about LELO Hugo?

«Overall fun item to share with your partner. Texture and fit of the item is great for beginners; power and battery life are good. The control is a little tricky (you’ll have to practice; read the online instructions several times).»

«This thing was awesome. I am a straight guy trying to spice things up with my wife and she wanted me to use this during intercourse.»

«It’s not big enough to stay snug inside so you really can’t wear it while having intercourse unless you were to put on a harness or something to keep it in place. I gave it 4 stars because of the vibrating power and versatility of the settings. really wonderful.»

Perfect for intermediate

Since this toy is strong, it will be best handled by those who already have some experience with anal pleasures. For beginners, the Lovense Hush 2 vibro plugs are better suited.

Final Overview

I think that LELO Hugo is a good option for a prostate massager when you have already played with small plugs and are ready to bring a new anal experience to your sex life. But of course, pay attention to all the pros and cons of this sex toy before you buy it.


  • has two powerful motors
  • control from the remote control and on the toy
  • Sensemotion in the remote control
  • complete set with batteries for the remote control
  • water resistance


  • some users complain that the toy can fall out
  • the entrance for the charging plug is covered with a small plug, which is not a reliable protection against water

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