Is It Worth Buying a Big and Heavy Male Masturbator? Kiiroo Keon Review

Is It Worth Buying a Big and Heavy Male Masturbator? Kiiroo Keon Review

There are many ways to masturbate. Kiiroo has figured out how to satisfy yourself with a bunch of functions of the Keon penis masturbator. And this is really a lot in one device. How interactive is it? Let’s go.

What is the Kiiroo Keon and how does it work?

Keon by Kiiroo is a standalone interactive penis masturbator. But to be clear, it’s primarily a device that moves a sleeve for masturbation. Kiiroo Keon comes with a RealFeel stroker to make it all work together. You can additionally buy sleeves from the FeelStars Kiiroo’s collection and have several copies of porn stars’ vulvas with different internal textures.

What is its interactivity? Kiiroo Keon connects via Bluetooth to your phone to be controlled via the app. Accordingly, give your partner access to control the masturbator. The Keon also connects to Kiiroo’s FeelXVideos website, synchronizes with the selected video, and works in rhythm with everything that happens on the screen. We saw something similar in the Lovense Gush mobile app, where the vibration synchronizes with your favorite music on Spotify.

Comfort & Satisfaction

You have several options for how to hold Keon during masturbation:

  • with both hands;
  • put it on your lap and hold it;
  • put it on the bed;
  • buy accessories Kiiroo’s holders;
  • or use the Keon Neck Strap and keep your hands busy with something else.

The sleeve inside has a textured channel; the pattern is different in each unit of the FeelStars collection. But honestly, at high speeds, you may not feel the difference between them. Pleasure from Kiiroo Keon is not like sex or other masturbators. The sensations from the toy are authentic and pleasant due to the realistic imitation of human skin in the stroker.

Tech, form & design

Before using the Keon penis massager, check the battery charge. You need 4 hours to charge the device until it is fully ready. It works for up to 30 to 120 minutes. The device weighs 2.42 pounds. It is matte, stylish, and black. The maximum speed of Keon is 230 strokes per minute (8 speeds in total) with a maximum stroke length of 2.9’ (4 amplitudes in total). The switching buttons are located on the sides of the toy, where your hands will be during masturbation.

For those who love technological design and when a sex toy doesn’t hint at its purpose, I recommend a lighter version of the male masturbator Arcwave Ion.

How to use Kiiroo Keon

Insert the RealFeel stroker into the Keon opening, twist until it clicks, and the toy is ready to use. Choose a warming or cooling lubricant and follow the instructions.

  1. Apply the lubricant to the penis and the “vulva” of the stroker.
  2. Insert the penis inside and spread the lubricant by moving the device back and forth. Feel all the internal textures of Keon.
  3. Turn on the masturbator at the first speed level and find the perfect mode by switching them manually.
  4. Test the interactive mode via the mobile app and the FeelXVideos website.


Kiiroo Keon is made of ABS, PC, and Silicone. It is not waterproof, so clean it with a spray and wipes. The stroker PC’s inner soft part feels very similar to real skin. The hard part is also ABS. However, the stroker can and should be washed with water and mild soap to maintain proper hygiene. Due to its unique shape, it is challenging to dry, but you should take care of it.


The Keon by Kiiroo masturbator is not a loud toy. You can hear it in the room but not outside the walls.


Keon costs $234 on the official website but with a discount. Its usual price is $250, a serious investment in your intimate life.

What do people say about the Kiiroo Keon

«Stroker similar to the flesh… (but not better). Unwieldy even with accessories. Feelconnect app terrible (for solo) .The problem: Many VR providers are switching to this outdated app concept. The best thing right now is the easy part with the keycode (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)»

«The part is large, robust, well made and a bit unwieldy. Especially in use when a man is in action, especially in combination with VR glasses. Otherwise it is technically top in conjunction with Bluetooth or Pornhub.»

«I’m very happy. It’s easy to maintain good service. Especially, it’s very quiet. The cost point is full in ok quality has its price.»

Perfect for interactive games fans

The Keon by Kiiroo masturbator is ideal for people who don’t spare money for expensive sex toys and expect many different things. After all, this is not just a device for jerking off. You get a particular experience through the manual mode, the mobile app, connectivity and synchronization with videos from Kiiroo’s website or PornHub, and the realistic skin of the stroker.

Final Overview


  • interactivity;
  • realistic touch;
  • easy to operate;
  • many functions;
  • structural reliability


  • heavy;
  • expensive;
  • sometimes problems with the Bluetooth connection.

I believe that this toy is not for everyone. Also, according to some reviews, it is not much better than its predecessor Fleshlight Launch. If you like interactive sex devices and don’t bother buying additional accessories, you’ll like Keon.

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