Too Good To Be True? Arcwave Pow Male Masturbator Review

Too Good To Be True? Arcwave Pow Male Masturbator Review

I’m constantly amazed at the variety of sex toys on the market today. Good designers can create something out of silicone and a piece of plastic that can give you an incredible orgasm. The Arcwave Pow is one such toy. But what does the name «silicone dual-entrance suction control» mean?

What is the Arcwave Pow and how does it work?

The Arcwave Pow is a male reusable dual-entry masturbator. It’s interesting because it doesn’t have batteries or complicated technical designs. But the Pow can control the air pressure inside to create a vacuum around the penis as you wish. The toy has two inlets close with lids and looks like a portable music speaker or a thermal mug. Arcwave Pow is suitable for any penis size and is easy to clean and dry.

Arcwave uses its special CleanTech silicone in the Pow and other toys (e.g., the Arcwave Ion).

Comfort & Satisfaction

The Arcwave Pow simulates the sensations of vaginal or anal sex with its long and bumpy internal channel. It narrows from one edge to another so that you can get different feelings. If you enter from the tight edge, you will get intense stimulation of the penis shaft. If you enter from the wider entry, the head will be located in the narrower place.

Press the valve on one of the caps with your finger during use. Do this when your penis is pushing all the air out of Pow. Feel a suction effect when you move the toy without air. But it is not strong enough to be like a blowjob.

Tech, form & design

The Male Masturbator Pow has a cylindrical shape and a sophisticated «not a sex toy» design. Leave it on a table; no one will guess what it is. The outer case has comfortable notches to prevent your hands from slipping during maturation. The silicone interior has spiral tubercles using the Quick Clean Helix technology for reliable cleaning. One lid has holes for drying the toy after cleaning (and on the body), and the other has a valve. You can swap the covers or remove them altogether when masturbating (but the suction effect is lost). That’s why Arcwave Pow is suitable for all penis sizes.

The entire toy is 7 inches long; the functional inner part is 6.5 inches long; the weight is 13.4 oz. Pow does not require charging and is always ready to use.

How to use the Arcwave Pow?

Silicone dual-entrance suction control male masturbator Pow is straightforward to use. Follow my instructions:

  1. Remove the caps from the toy.
  2. Apply water-based lube to the penis and the selected masturbator’s entrance.
  3. Move the toy back and forth to masturbate.
  4. Hold down the valve at the moment of the most pleasant vacuum sensation to lock it in place.


The outer shell of the toy is made of ABS plastic. The inner sleeve of the Arcwave Pow is made of CleanTech silicone, which is chemical-free and can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap. This silicone is harder and denser than the Tenga Flip Zero but still flexible, pliable, and non-sticky. Take it with you in the shower!


On the official website, Arcwave Pow costs $69 and is available in three colors: dark blue, black, and mint green.

What do people say about the Pow by Arcwave?

«Nice soft sensation, not as soft as TPE but fairly good, case and silicone material seems durable, cleaning is a positive»

«Farvourite toy for edging by far and definitely gets the job done for me. Could be slightly longer as I can juuuust touch the cap on the other end but can’t really complain… Discrete design kind of looks like a Bluetooth speaker when left on the bedside table by mistake»

«It can be a bit noisy if you’re movin it quickly and the suction function didn’t really add anything but overall it gives a great orgasm, especially with a little twist.»

«Expected more suction and it to be tighter.»

Perfect for medium-sized penises

Although Arcwave says the Pow is suitable for all men, I would recommend it for those no more than 6.5 inches long. If you’re larger, it may be too tight for you. And the flap cap won’t fit over the outer end of the masturbator.

Final Overview

I think it is a good masturbator for men due to its simple, smart construction and design. But let’s finalize its disadvantages and advantages.


  • soft and dense silicone that does not attract dust
  • easy to clean
  • there is a suction effect
  • does not require charging
  • waterproof


  • too tight for penises larger than 7 inches
  • weak suction effect

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