Want The Best Toy For P-point? Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager Review

Want The Best Toy For P-point? Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager Review

Are you a fan of prostate massagers? Then you have definitely heard that you can get multiple male orgasms. Read below to find out if you can achieve it with Aneros Progasm. Let’s go!

What is the Aneros Progasm and how does it work?

The Aneros Progasm is a top-tier prostate massager renowned for its size and quality. There are 6 different models in the Progasm series. Crafted from medical-grade silicone or shatter-proof plastic, it boasts a sleek aesthetic, particularly in the Progasm Ice model. Vice 2 has a vibrating motor and a remote control, while all the others function as butt plugs.

Designed for advanced users, it targets the prostate with precision, providing a unique experience. The rigidity of the Progasm, though, may vary in preference. Easy removal, even with its substantial size, ensures a comfortable experience.

Comfort & Satisfaction

While initially challenging for beginners, the dual-bulge design provides a warm, fuzzy sensation as it stimulates the prostate. The device holds well in an upright position and does not slip. When walking or performing Kegel exercises, the plug massages the P-spot, which leads to a prolonged orgasm. The side horns with balls at the ends should stand in a straight plane to act on the pelvic muscles from the outside, which does not interfere with walking or sitting and creates additional pleasant stimulation.

However, caution is advised for those unaccustomed to such dimensions. Finding a comfortable position is crucial, considering your preferences and anatomy.

Tech, form & design

In terms of technology, the Progasm stands out with its purposeful design. The K-tab (side stopper horns with balls), associated with Kundalini energy, maybe a matter of personal preference. While some find it ineffective, others appreciate the added stimulation.

The P-tab has several smooth curves that simultaneously stimulate multiple erogenous zones, is easy to insert, and creates a feeling of fullness. All you have to do is relax.

The dimensions of the toys are universal in all models:

  • The insertion part reaches 4"
  • The size of the outer head reaches 1.28" x 1.15"
  • The size of the middle extension is 1.25" x 1.13"

The P-tab, however, may not suit everyone, with complaints about its length and rigidity. The arms’ inflexibility limits experimentation with positions, potentially causing discomfort.

How to use the Aneros Progasm?

This toy requires some preparation, understanding how to relax properly, and performing Kegel exercises. Follow my brief instructions on how to use the Aneros Progasm anal plug-massager:

  1. Make a cleansing shallow enema and take a shower.
  2. Take a deep breath and relax as you exhale while massaging the toy into your anus muscles to gradually penetrate it with the toy.
  3. Keep slowly inserting the toy until your body starts to take the Aneros Progasm inside.
  4. Try to tighten your muscles as if you were holding back the flow of urine and relax so that Aneros Progasm massages your prostate. Try adding penis stimulation.


The Progasm’s construction is made of smooth, hard plastic. Use plenty of water-based lubricants (for example, LELO personal moisturizer) for the Vice 2 model, as it is the only silicone model in the series. For all the others, a silicone-based lubricant is suitable.


On the official website, Aneros Progasm costs $50 for the Progasm Jr model, $60 for all other models, and $150 for the Vice 2 vibrator.

What do people say about the Aneros Progasm?

« I felt things I have never felt before, although I had to experiment with numerous positions. Intense is understating my experience. I forced myself to stop using it after a couple of hours only by telling myself it would not be going anywhere, that I could use it again, and again, and again. I fear addiction.»

« If I could rate this a hundred stars I would, better than any drug in my opinion!»

«I’ve been using this product for about…8 weeks now, and to my experience thus far, there is really only one way to use it, and get better. Follow the instructions and take your time! Squeeze those kegels! With practice you can achieve a very intense…sometimes even…hands free…orgasm»

Perfect for advanced users

For those who are new to anal play, toys from the Aneros Progasm collection will be too hard and even dangerous (try Lovense Hush 2). If you know how to relax and control your pelvic muscles, and Kegel exercises are not an empty sound for you, feel free to explore the depths of a several-hour orgasm with Aneros Progasm.

Final Overview

I believe that Aneros Progasm is a Formula 1 car in the world of anal toys. They are not suitable for everyone, but a select few can enjoy an incredible orgasm.


  • acts on several erogenous points at the same time
  • quality material
  • affordable price


  • too hard material for some users
  • it is not a very versatile size

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