You Like To Slap The Ass? Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty Stroker Review

You Like To Slap The Ass? Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty Stroker Review

I love exciting sex toys and doing reviews on them. For example, the Bangin’ Betty stroker by Adam & Eve has advantages over some masturbators. But is it right for you? Read below. Let’s go!

What is the Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty and how does it work?

Bangin’ Betty is a small, realistic stroker for men. It has deliciously firm buttocks that are fun to slap. She’s also heavy, which keeps her in one place during use. Bangin’ Betty has pronounced vulva, clitoris, vaginal and anal canals.

The stroker comes with a DVD with 4 hours of erotic video. I don’t know if you have a player in 2023, but you can leave the disk for decoration. Adam & Eve is a giant online store with discreet delivery, so the original box with the Bangin’ Betty photo will be hidden. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The toy’s vaginal and anal canals have a realistic feel and internal pattern. Playing with the two holes is fun and exciting, even if you and Betty have a threesome. The elasticity of the material makes the canals tight, which greatly stimulates the penis. And the anal feels really narrow.

There is a tattoo of a rose on the left buttock (more like a scar). It’s nice to push, knock, and squeeze the voluminous buttocks while masturbating. But first, test which position will be the most comfortable. The heavy stroker rests confidently on the surface while using, so you don’t have to hold it with your hands.

Tech, form & design

The critical thing you should know about the Bangin’ Betty stroker is its size and design. Imagine a girl snorkeling with her ass peeking out above the water. You can’t see her hips or stomach. That’s just the part of the girl that looks good, and that’s what Bangin’ Betty is. That is, this toy is only suitable for doggy-style sex and takes time to adapt to the position. It measures 4 x 8.75 x 11 inches.

Both channels are connected inside the toy’s body and have a through outlet. Thus, Bangin’ Betty is easy to clean with running water without retaining liquid. If your penis is more than 6 inches, it will most likely peek out on the other side of the Betty.

At the toy’s base, you’ll find a pair of holes designed for bullet vibrators. Buy them separately and insert them to enhance your jerking-off experience.

How to use the Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty?

Read my quick guide on how to use the little Bangin’ Betty stroker:

  1. Place the toy on a flat surface for doggy style
  2. Apply a water-based lubricant to the penis and toy’s vulva and anus
  3. Have fun
  4. Clean the toy again with soap and water and dry it


Bangin’ Betty is made of TPE, the most similar to human skin. That’s why the toys are so realistic to the touch and have a kick when you slap them. Use a water-based lubricant for TPE toys, just like with silicone toys. But TPE is a porous material, so clean and dry the toy thoroughly.


In the Adam & Eve store, Bangin’ Betty costs almost $68, which is a reasonable price for a realistic masturbator.

What do people say about Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty?

«The Betty Stroker is wonderfull. The texture feels close to the real thing. When the urge hits, a little bit of lube and your ready to go. It has enough mass to pretty much stay put regardless of the technique you use.»

«Nice and tight, easy to clean. Only issue I have is anything I buy is too small and I come out the other end, other than that this is great, lifelike feel.»

«I’m a little larger than average but still found the opening too small and difficult to enter. Upon using both hands to open Betty up and enter, I found the inner chamber was also too small and a lot the lube exited the opposite end when ‘my little friend’ popped out the other side. Video was nice.»

Perfect for fans of narrow aisles

Since Bangin’ Betty is a compact stroker, it also has narrow channels that imitate the vagina and anal. That is, guys of all sizes, except for large and wide ones, will enjoy the pleasure of maximum fit to the penis with it. You can find larger and no less realistic toys among Tantaly Dolls.

Final Overview

I think that Bangin’ Betty by Adam & Eve is a good alternative to hand strokers or expensive ones like Keon by Kiiroo. Of course, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • free hands
  • safe material
  • tight holes
  • realism
  • compactness


  • some are frightened by the small toy’s size
  • porous material
  • not suitable for large penises

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