Honest We-Vibe Chorus Review: How Can a Sex Toy Understand You?

Honest We-Vibe Chorus Review: How Can a Sex Toy Understand You?

Honest We-Vibe Chorus Review: How Can a Sex Toy Understand You?

Finally, We-Vibe has created an incredible couple device, Chorus, and advanced its previous development of the Sync series. Is it true that this vibrator listens to any desires, takes the form of the shape, and with it, you can get a simultaneous orgasm?

Oh yes! I liked this device to the fullest, and below I will tell you why.

What is We-Vibe Chorus how does it work?

The Chorus is one of the best remote-controlled couples vibrators I've ever seen. You can amend vibration vigor and fit. Chorus has a remote and sensor control. It is waterproof, suitable for couple sex and solo, for public fun, and much more. I'm ready to praise Chorus all day long!

But first things first. Slow down!

The main advantage is the synchronous stimulation of the G-spot, clitoris and penis, which multiplies the pleasure in the course of sex several times. Isn't this the main goal?

The technical performance and incredible work on the updated this couple vibrator deserve applause.

Comfort & satisfaction

How to use We-Vibe Chorus? This vibrator is highly suitable for solo sex. It's hard for me to orgasm from vaginal penetration, but Chorus gave me several waves of orgasm! It struck me.

We-Vibe Chorus positions itself as a massager for couples, so when you have sex, it does its job to the best of its ability. Simultaneous stimulation inside the vagina of the clitoris and my partner's penis allowed us to get pleasure at the peak together. Our foreplay with We-Vibe in public added a lot of fun because the remote control in the app allowed us to warm up and have fun. In addition to this, the incredible adaptability of the device's shape makes it easy to use.

Tech, form, and design of the We-Vibe Chorus vibrator

Use a USB We-Vibe charger and enjoy the pleasure for up to 1,5 hours in a row! Charging We-Vibe Chorus is eco-friendly and easy.

But what does it mean that the toy can understand you? The free app is the most user-friendly I've ever used: more than ten vibration options, various intensities, and depths of sensations. Also, Chorus has a remote control that allows you to switch modes without interrupting the primary process and reach the top continuously.

The adaptive shape of the vibrator is perfect due to the opening angle of up to 120 degrees, fixed in the best position. Put on during sex, We-Vibe Chorus focuses on rumbly and powerful vibrations inside and out, so your hands are free to play.

I’d say that the Bluetooth connection improved. Now, it’s one universal sensor that regulates the vibrator, compared to previous We-Vibe models.


We-Vibe Chorus is waterproof. The toy cover is made of super soft material; it is pleasant to the touch and gives you and your partner vivid sensations.

The device material is body-safe silicone without any latex. You can use it at any humidity level and efficiently ensure the toy's cleanliness. Note that the Squeeze controller is not waterproof. It only has slight splash protection.


Chorus makes tranquil sounds which is a significant advantage of this toy. When turned on, you can hear a soft purr, as its total noise level does not exceed 50 decibels, which is quiet compared to conventional vibrators.


We-Vibe Chorus costs $199 on the official website, which is a reasonable price for such a unique device. It’s hard to imagine such a quality vibrator with many great features and options being cheaper.

What do people say about We-Vibe Chorus?

People reach a powerful ending here with Chorus:

“First time I ever squirted with a partner!! I’m never leaving my Chorus.”

“This is a gamechanger! It changed our sex life so much.”

“Intense orgasm! wow.”

Somebody mentions it as a great vibrator for couples:

“…this is the best couples toy we ever tried.”

Someone had problems with connection to the device, though:

“We thought we would be able to give him control, and can't because we can't sync the vibrator to the app.”

“Doesn’t work with mobiles…. if it pairs dropping connection without reason.”

Perfect for couples

Although the new We-Vibe vibrator can be perfectly masturbated and enjoyed alone, it is in the category of remote vibrators for couples. The ability to stimulate the penis, clitoris and G-spot simultaneously feels like a pretty decent addition to lovemaking. Moreover, Mobile connectivity can add spice and augments the sex life of a pair. You can start the fun in a cafe, transfer control to your partner or play with a sex toy directly, leaving it inside you.

Chorus is good for couples with long-distance relationships because it has a mobile app for remote control of toy modes, often mentioned by reviews of We-Vibe couples as an advantage.



  • We-Vibe Chorus is fantastic for long-distance relationships

  • Perfect for couples use and allows you to orgasm simultaneously

  • Adaptive shape for a better fit on any figure

  • Smart mobile app and more than 10 vibration ways

  • The producer has dramatically improved the quality of this device, which is worth the money

  • Intuitive how to use We-Vibe Chorus


  • Maybe for someone, the price may be too high for a vibrator

  • For some people could not easily connect Chorus to the phone

  • For fans of vaginal stimulation, sometimes vibration is not enough.

I recommend We-Vibe Chorus for purchase! My personal experience is only positive, but we are all so different, which is lovely!

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