Where to Start Researching Anal Sex? Njoy Pure Plug Review

Where to Start Researching Anal Sex? Njoy Pure Plug Review

What does medical steel have in common with a crazy orgasm? I think the njoy pure plug perfectly combines these two concepts. Is having at least one anal plug a good idea or a bad read below. Here we go!

What is the njoy pure plug and how does it work?

The njoy pure plug is a sleek steel anal plug. You can find it in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This anal plug has its own particular advantages and disadvantages, just like any other sex toy. But it’s perfect if you’re just starting your journey of exploring anal sex.

It is not suitable if you are looking for a plug (there’s the Rimming Plug by b-vibe for that) or a vibrating prostate massager. For this, there is a great LELO Loki Wave.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The pure plug by njoy can be used in several ways. Play with the temperature: heat it with warm water or cool it down before inserting it. You can also place it anally for a few hours and have couples sex, whether you are a man or a woman.

It is enjoyable to remove the plug during orgasm, but of course, not as if it were beads. Or you can walk around with a plug in your ass, sit or move around.

Tech, form & design

This anal plug by njoy has a simple, elegant design. The insertion part is onion-shaped with a slightly elongated end for easy entry. The entire plug is slightly curved, which is more ergonomic than straight plugs. Unlike flat-base stoppers, the handle has a small loop that makes it easy to hold the toy while inserting or removing it. Also, this outer loop does not interfere with sitting or walking when the toy is inside.

Parameters of the pure plugs by njoy:

  • Small: weight 5 oz, insertion length 2.25", bulb diameter 1".
  • Medium: weight 7 oz, insertion length 2.5", bulb diameter 1.25".
  • Large: weight 11 oz, insert length 2.75", bulb diameter 1.5".

How to use the njoy pure plug?

Read my little guide on how to use the anal pure plug by njoy:

  1. Put a lot of hybrid lubricant on the toy (e.g., Silk Liquid)
  2. Lie on your side and relax
  3. Insert the toy while exhaling (for even more relaxation)
  4. Enjoy!


The njoy pure plug is made of a single piece of seamless 316-grade steel used for medical equipment. The toy is hand-polished to a perfect shine. The cork is absolutely safe and inert to infections, antibacterial cleaners, boiling, and dishwasher.


The small njoy pure plug costs $140 on the official website; the medium one has a price of $160; the large plug costs $180.

What do people say about njoy pure plug?

«One you go to stainless steel toys, doubt you’ll ever want to use anything but stainless steel again. The nJoy Pure Plug is a piece of art, finely crafted with a mirror polish finish, no seams or edges exist.»

«I was amazed how great it felt. I wore it for about 3 hours and as some other reviews stated, I was able to sit on it without much discomfort unlike some of my other toys made for P spot massage. Those won’t be getting much use now that I’ve experienced this plug.»

«It comes in stunning packaging, the steel is smooth an heavy, the design makes it look like a work of art, it is easy to use (too easy…more on that in a bit), and quite comfortable. The big problem at least for me is that it is much smaller than I thought it would be. Because of the shape an taper it feels much smaller than 1.25" and now I really wish I would have gotten the large… »

Perfect as a first anal plug

This anal plug is high-quality, ergonomic, and has a perfect fit and easy insertion. If you are choosing your first anal plug, the smallest one from njoy pure plugs is perfect for this role. The medium and large ones are suitable for upgrading to the next level of anal pleasures.

Final Overview

If you’re not a fan of anal play, or you’re not ready yet, I don’t think you should buy such an expensive toy because everything in the njoy pure plug will be a disadvantage for you.


  • quality material
  • three size options
  • easy cleaning
  • ergonomic design
  • can be used with any lubricant


  • price
  • no vibration

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