Lovense Domi 2 Vibrator Mini-Wand Review: Do You Need So Much?

Lovense Domi 2 Vibrator Mini-Wand Review: Do You Need So Much?

Domi 2 by Lovense is ready to take care of every sensitive spot on your body. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sore neck muscle, nipples, or clitoris. You choose what to do with the vibrator and whom to invite to the party. But who really needs that?

What is the Lovense Domi 2 and how does it work?

The Domi 2 by Lovense is a Bluetooth vibe clitoral massager that looks like a mini-wand. It has a silicone coating, a slender head, and a powerful motor for its size. Domi 2 does not irritate the skin or cause numbness, but the vibration penetrates deep into the body. You can massage your sore back muscles with it, too. But let’s be honest, why?

The Domi 2 Bluetooth mini-remote connects to the mobile app, so you and your partner will have something to do while apart. Lovense is known for its remote control, video calling, music sync, and customizable vibration patterns.

Comfort & Satisfaction

Domi 2 is a good option for women who find it easier to achieve clitoral orgasm than vaginal. The double speed of the updated motor is hard to recognize, but the vibration is strong. You will only get clitoral numbness if you use the vibrator for about an hour. This vibrator is also suitable for men, as Domi 2 has a special nozzle.

Of course, the Domi 2 is a smaller toy than the Magic Wand Original, and I would expect less power from it. But Lovense made a strong motor for its baby and a more pleasant head. Therefore, Domi 2 can give an intense orgasm in minutes.

Tech, form & design

The Domi 2 vibrating massager is 9.21’ long, measures 1.74’ at its most comprehensive parts, and has a classic «magic wand» design. The handle has ergonomic indentations for a more comfortable grip. There are also buttons for manually adjusting the modes. The toy’s head is of sufficient size to keep in contact with the pea if you are mobile during masturbation. The flexible neck of the wand is very elastic.

The device has a rim on the handle that is an indicator when turned on. Domi 2 works for 5-6 hours; for charging, you will find a wire in the kit that plugs into the port at the toy’s base.

The Domi 2 mini-wand has an extra female and a male attachment. The female nozzle has a vaginal and vulva-stimulating «spine». The male version has a prostate massage spine and a penis massage ring.

How to use the Lovense Domi 2?

You have many options for using the Domi 2 wand by Lovense:

  1. Solo to the rhythm of your favorite music.
  2. Warm each other up before sex.
  3. Intensify your orgasm by combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
  4. Keep in touch with your partner by controlling Domi 2 via the Lovense mobile app.


The Domi 2 vibrator is wholly covered in one-piece velvety black silicone and has an IPX6 waterproof rating. Wash the toy with water, but it is unsuitable for sex games in the shower. Also, avoid getting water into the charging port.


Lovense Domi 2 can be called a loud masturbator, so have fun with it alone if you are shy around your roommates. Its sound is deep and rumbling.


On the official website of Lovense, the Domi 2 vibrator costs $99 with a discount. Meanwhile, Amazon offers it for $119. It’s not a small amount for a sex toy, but with the device, you get a constantly updated mobile app and a lot of digital features.

What do people say about the Lovense Domi 2?

«This is a very unique wand, and I’m a big fan. Rather than just being a rabid vibrator, the motor has a deep rumble that is very satisfying. I highly recommend it!»

«I just received it. I am forwarding it to my wife, who lives abroad at this time. I think it will help our LDR. We have talked about this and decided that it can only improve our relationship. Thanks and looking forward to using it!»

«It has a lot of power but the battery doesn’t last at all, it doesn’t deserve what it’s worth»

Perfect for active technology users

The mobile app provides a large number of variations in the use of Lovense Domi 2:

  • Controlling vibration modes from a distance.
  • An infinite number of them.
  • Creating your own patterns or using those already created by someone.
  • Connecting to a webcam.
  • Synchronizing with music.

If the digitalization of a clitoral masturbator only hinders you, try the old-fashioned Eroscillator.

Final Overview


  • compact size;
  • strong rumbling vibration;
  • connection to the mobile app;
  • the ability to purchase additional attachments;
  • versatility of use.


  • price;
  • you can’t play in the shower;
  • some reviews talk about poor Bluetooth connection and a bad battery.

I believe that Lovense Domi 2 is a universal soldier for your bed. After all, it can do so much! Also, I think it is logical that the more functions a device has, the more likely some of them may not work as well as we would like.

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