Liberator Wedge Review: Does a Sex Pillow Make Sex Easier?

Liberator Wedge Review: Does a Sex Pillow Make Sex Easier?

A stiff back or knee can hinder enjoying sex. And it may not be the right time to roll up towels to put under you again. Liberator creates a range of ergonomic sex accessories and supplies; this time, I will review the Wedge pillow. Is it necessary? We’ll see.

What is the Liberator Wedge and how does it work?

The Liberator Wedge is a sex pillow that creates conditions for deeper and more targeted penetration. It has a 27-degree incline and is made of dense memory foam. The Wedge has an easy-to-clean cover that does not slip on the surface. The Liberator Wedge is suitable for Liberator couches and regular beds or surfaces.

The American company Liberator makes furniture, accessories, and various bedroom supplies. The main idea behind these products is comfortable, prolonged sex because your muscles don’t get tired with additional body support in any position.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The Liberator Wedge is firm enough to hold its shape and soft enough to lie comfortably for long periods.

In the “Grab and Go” position, a woman experiences a more accurate hit to the G-spot while lying with her buttocks on the pillow due to the elevation of the body. Also, Wedge allows a woman to relax her back and knees during Down Low. In the Evolved Oral position, the partner will not tire of performing cunnilingus with the partner’s hips raised to the desired level.

Sex with the Liberator Wedge is supposed to turn from a gym session into a bit of fun. At least, that’s what the Liberator promises.

Form & design

The Liberator Wedge is so named because of its shape. The cutting angle reaches 27", where the height of the wide side is 7", the width is 14", and the length is 24". It means that your hips will be raised by Wedge 7 inches higher from the bed, which doesn’t seem like much. But when you use it, you can feel the difference.

The Wedge pillow design has no patterns on the outer cover except for the patch with the manufacturer’s emblem. You can choose from 16 colors of outer covering for the pillow when ordering. The inner pillowcase is black, and it is waterproof.

Wedge arrives in a halved form. The manufacturer extracts all the air from the pillow, thus saving packaging and space during delivery.

How to use the Wedge by Liberator

After unpacking the Wedge, it will straighten up, then put the outer case on it and follow the simple instructions:

  1. Place a pillow under your partner’s lower back and hips in Standing Ovation
  2. In The Elevated Wheelbarrow, the partner should lie on her belly on the Wedge
  3. In The Rodeo pose, place the Blade under the man’s hips when he is on his back, with the broad side facing his knees.
  4. Give a woman a cunnilingus by placing her hips on a wide part of the pillow.


The Wedge itself is made of polyurethane. This material is used to fill mattresses. It is porous but has a nylon black waterproof wrapper to prevent the core from being saturated with liquids.

The outer microfiber pillow’і cover has a velvet texture that creates an anti-slip effect. This material does not make your body sweat and is pleasant to touch naked. Don’t worry about getting Wedge dirty during sex because all covers are easy to wash.


Wedge by Liberator costs $110. It seems like a high price for a regular sex stand. Read the reviews about this cushion wedge to understand whether you need it.

What do people say about the Liberator Wedge?

«I got this because I often have pain in my hips and it’s been really helpful to use for PIV so I don’t have to spread my legs very wide. We got gray which matches my bedroom colors so I just left it out and it’s very comfortable back support while sitting in bed as well. The g spot angle is also pretty great =)»

«I was as skeptical as anyone that a magic (and pricey) pillow could drastically change the quality of sex I was having but… This is the perfect shape and size for my partner and I that just makes lovemaking… Easier. I don’t have to work so hard and we can both just be more relaxed and engaged with each other. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve had the best sex of my life while using the wedge.»

«We like the lift it gives. Feels really good with my husband lofted ;) We don’t like how the material attracts pet hair. The material on the ESSE is much nicer and is not as much of a pet hair magnet.»

Perfect for making sex easier

Pillows like Wedge are relevant for people with limited mobility, back or knee pain, and those who make love for hours.

Final Overview


  • universal pillow for sex
  • keeps its shape well
  • strong support
  • quality materials
  • different colors to match the design of your bedroom


  • price
  • not everyone is suitable for the size

The Liberator Wedge is an ergonomic assistant in your bedroom that turns ordinary sex positions into something new. It helps relieve the load from your muscles so you can relax, enjoy, and not think about lower back pain during sex. Of course, it’s not a must-have. But it’s better with it.

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