What Can the Sex Machine Do? Almost Everything. Read My Hismith HS06-App Honest Review

What Can the Sex Machine Do? Almost Everything. Read My Hismith HS06-App Honest Review

It’s hard to be impartial when faced with quality sex toys. The HS06-app sex machine system includes many functions, has a sturdy construction, many modes of operation, and a realistic dildo included. The toy is packaged in a black case with only one short logo on the outside (no dirty hints). In addition, change the attachments on this sex machine according to your preferences by buying an additional adapter. Yes, everything can’t be perfect, but will you be impressed by the advantages of the HS06-app by Hismith?

What is Hismith HS06-app and how does it work?

HS06-app is a sex machine system from the British company Hismith. This sex toy has different options for attaching a dildo, several directions of thrusts, adjustable speed, and many other features. HS06-app has everything for your pleasure solo, in a couple (or group), for long-distance sex with a partner, or even a blowjob with a dildo.

So how does it work? You assemble the machine according to the instructions, fix the attachment, plug it in, and experiment with the speeds. The HS06-app adapts to the cowgirl, missionary, and doggy styles. You can also control the Hismith sex machine with a wired remote, remote control, or mobile app.

Comfort & Satisfaction

For comfortable use of the Hismith HS06-app, start at the lowest speed and gradually accelerate. To do this, use the stationary switch or the remote control (you can entrust it to a partner). More precise and versatile controls are available in the mobile app.

The design of the sex machine allows you to tilt it forward/down, backward/up, and attach a dildo holder extension. After all, taller people can touch the machine’s structure with their feet, which can be distracting.

The HS06-app sex machine has an anal dildo with a Vac-U-Lock connection, which is easy to change to a silicone dildo with a Kliclok connection system (or any other sex toy, such as a penis masturbator). The included dildo has a realistic design and pronounced details. But you can purchase an additional adapter for other suction cup dildos, for example, RealCock 2. And don’t forget the water-based lubricant for good sliding.

Tech, form & design

This sex machine doesn’t look exciting, but maybe it doesn’t need to be, given its 240 rpm and 20 modes. The toy takes 10 positions due to its adaptive design - two metal legs and a body that moves up and down. Part of the pushing mechanism is located on the machine’s body. It works similarly to the wheels on old-school trains.

The dimensions of the Hismith HS06-app are 46.8 × 26.0 × 44.9 cm, so you must set aside a separate corner in the room for your new friend. The toy weighs a little more than 11 kg, but this ensures its stability.

Under no circumstances should the sex machine come into contact with water, and do not take it with you to the shower.


The full-size sex machine Hismith HS06-app has a sturdy stainless steel frame and some plastic elements (ABS) that do not come into contact with the body.


The noise of the Hismith HS06-app reaches 40-50 dB at full speed, which, for a moment, is the noise of an average vibrator. In practice, it sounds like a quiet washing machine.
Price On the official Hismith website, the sex machine costs from $499, and this can be a problem. But judging by the reviews, buying an HS06-app can be a good investment in your sex life.

What do people say about Hismith HS06-app?

In general, you will find almost no negative reviews on the Hismith HS06-app sex machine system:

«I adore it. I use it all the time. My boyfriend can’t get enough of watching me use it. Girls at Shhh are amazing.»

«I’ve owned quite a few machines over the years, and none have come close to this one. The ability to connect to it via Bluetooth from an app anyone can control is definitely the best feature. So if you do live streaming or have a partner that travels or lives far away, you can still have an intimate relationship when their not close.»

On Amazon, the average user rating is 4.5 out of 5. Some reviews say the machine malfunctions after several attempts to turn it on, but the manufacturer’s customer support service adequately responds to possible problems if you contact them.

Perfect for sex-geeks

Seriously, if you’re a technology fanatic and looking for a reliable sex machine, the Hismith HS06-app will become an indispensable partner in the bedroom (or where are you going to put it?).

Final Overview


  • reliable quality of the device, clear instructions;
  • multifunctionality and adaptability of the design;
  • three control options and a mobile application;
  • 20 different speeds and intensities;
  • quiet.


  • additional adapters are sold separately;
  • size and weight;
  • price.

In my opinion, the Hismith HS06-app sex machine is worth its price and has a chance to become an integral part of your sex life. Of course, the price bites, but if you have the opportunity, don’t miss the fun.

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