What Should Be Your First Anal Vibrator? B-vibe Rimming Plug Review

What Should Be Your First Anal Vibrator? B-vibe Rimming Plug Review

What do you need for quality anal sex? Relaxation and readiness for adventure. You’ll also need quality sex toys and plenty of lube. Read all about the Petite Rimming Plug by b-vibe for beginners and decide if a vibrating anal sex toy is suitable for you.

What is the b-Vibe Rimming Plug and how does it work?

The Petite Rimming Plug is a remote-controlled vibrating anal toy from b-vibe. This toy is positioned as an anal device for beginners and is small in size. It also simulates rimming (anilingus) due to the rotating movements of the beads in the toy`s neck.

B-vibe Rimming Plug is the younger sister of the Rimming Plug 2 and Rimming Plug XL. Although this plug has a directed effect on the anus, its vital tip, with its vibrating motor, stimulates the prostate (P-spot) and A-spot.

Comfort & Satisfaction

The Petite Rimming Plug plays with the anus, and this is its main feature. A series of tiny beads are located in the neck of the toy, which touches the rim of the anus. That’s why this vibrator is called a “rimming”, but it doesn’t really feel like that.

Stimulation of the anus with the rotating vibration leads to intense orgasms even without ejaculation in men. The P-spot is also not neglected due to the shape and second motor of the toy’s head. Girls can also try this toy vaginally and stimulate all their points with the vibrating head. Or combine with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.

Some users write that they can’t stand the intense work of the toy for more than half an hour (in a good way).

Tech, form & design

The Petite Rimming Plug has all the necessary parameters for a safe anal toy. The gradual expansion of the head and the sharp transition to the neck are exactly what you need. The tiny size of the plug allows newcomers to anal play to expand gradually.

The total length of the anal plug is 4.9", the size of the insertion part without the base is 3.9", the diameter of the widest part of the head is 1.4", and the diameter of the neck is only 1".

The B-vibe Rimming Plug has 7-speed modes and 6 intensity levels. The remote control has 4 buttons, runs on batteries, and has a range of 30 meters. Of course, you can use the buttons on the toy, but the remote is much more convenient. The toy works for 1 hour on a full battery and is charged by a magnetic USB cable.

How to use the b-Vibe Rimming Plug?

Use my little instruction manual for using the b-vibe Petite Rimming Plug:

  1. Put a lot of lubricant on the toy
  2. Insert gently anally
  3. Turn on the vibrator from the control panel
  4. Enjoy


The Petite Rimming Plug by b-vibe is covered with seamless silicone and has glare protection. You can choose from three colors - blue, black, or purple. Always clean anal toys thoroughly after use with an antibacterial agent.


This anal vibrating plug from b-vibe has a medium volume of operation. You don’t have to worry that your neighbors will hear you.


On the official website, the Petite Rimming Plug costs almost $160, while on Amazon it costs $145.

What do people say about Rimming Plug by b-Vibe?

«Holy f*ck this thing is AMAZING. Got this about 6 months ago and it instantly became my favorite toy! The rimming beads may be the best sexual sensation I’ve felt in my life! My orgasms with this are some of the best I’ve ever had too! 11/10, best sex toy ever.»

«While the product title states “Petite” and “Beginner”, it does also mention the diameter as 1.4"…and the fractions of an inch do make a difference in my opinion. It was a bit difficult to dive right into this, so I had to work up to it using smaller ones for practice.»

«It actually did the job perfectly and I’d recommend this to anyone first starting out (or who is on the small side). I still enjoy using this, butt I found it is a bit on the small side for me (I’m over 6 ft. tall). Very sensual little guy.»

Perfect for beginners

If you’ve already started exploring your anal depths and boundaries, and you’ve already tried the most miniature plugs, then feel free to try the vibrating Petite Rimming Plug to fall in love with anal orgasm.

Final Overview

I think the price of $160 is high for a small toy for a beginner, but quality toys cannot be cheap.


  • waterproof
  • suitable for beginners
  • has remote control
  • has two separate vibrating motors


  • price
  • it doesn’t look like a real anilingus (if anyone expects it)

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