How To Squirt? Your Guide to Female Ejaculation During Sex or Solo Play

Feb 19, 2023 · 9 mins read
How To Squirt? Your Guide to Female Ejaculation During Sex or Solo Play

Impact-Site-Verification: 895074b0-c952-4506-9c78-f3920ac5994a Is squirting really an incredible pleasure? Or is the desire to squirt imposed on us by the porn industry? Squirt has been getting a lot of attention since the feminist boom of the 70s. But this topic is still not fully understood.

Squirt is about relaxation, pleasure, intimacy, and trust. It can be different, even naughty. But it is a path to self-discovery. I have prepared a map for you to the most desired peak of pleasure. Read all about squirt and how to achieve it.

What is squirt really?

Squirt is the discharge of a white-colored liquid from a woman’s urethra during orgasm. It can be called female ejaculation and is an entirely natural process. The quantity of fluid can vary from 5 to 150 ml or even more. Squirting can look like a fountain or just wetness. It is the result of incredible pleasure. The world has been presented with more than one scientific study, according to which, for example, it is known that only 10-53% of people with vaginas can squirt. What about the other half? It’s perfectly normal never to reach a squirt. And I want every woman or non-binary person with a vagina to know that it’s perfectly normal if it doesn’t have all the things we’re used to seeing in porn.

Anatomy and the process when you squirt

I propose to move away from primitive ideas about the G-spot and “infantile” clitoral orgasm. Let’s leave it to Grandpa Freud. The clitoris is a large, significant organ with a common derivative (embryonic) tissue with the male penis. The clitoral pedicles are located at the edges of the vaginal opening, connecting to the clitoral body, which ends in the glans, the outer part that can be seen. The G-spot is the closest area to the erectile tissue through the vagina. When aroused, this area fills with blood and feels like a hardened button. Strong stimulation of the G-spot leads to a squirt. Technically, it looks very simple, doesn’t it?

Squirting main myth: the pee or not the pee?

Yes and no at the same time. The Skene’s glands flow into the mouth of the urethra. These are analogs of the male prostate and are located in the paraurethral spongy. Therefore, in addition to urinary elements (creatine, uric acid), squirt secretions contain prostate-specific antigens. The fluid is transparent, sometimes whitish, and almost odorless. So, even if it is urine, it is with impurities that turn it into something else.

Why would someone want to squirt?

From a woman’s point of view, squirting can be perceived as the highest skill in sex, as if it’s a peak that needs to be conquered. You just need to put in more effort and diligence. Just imagine that more than 50% of all women and people with vaginas in this world may think that they are not good enough lovers if they don’t squirt! No one can ever squirt under pressure or coercion. Only relaxation can bring you closer to “sex-Everest”.

Your three steps to the world of squirting orgasms

Squirting is closely related to the feeling of shame. This is a new level of perception of the body, sensitivity, trust between partners, and willingness to endure some inconveniences associated with fluid. Squirt is one of the ways to discover sexuality and get to know body capabilities. Explore yourself now and enjoy the wonderful benefits.

Step 1: Get your mindset ready for squirting sensations!

The key to a woman’s total satisfaction is trust, relaxation, complete arousal, and the right attitude. Remember, female arousal requires the presence of thoughts in the body. A man’s orgasm is technically more easily achievable – arousal + friction. Women’s arousal is always influenced by a lot of factors: hormones, weather, work, and a lot of things that do not relate to sex.

Relax and trust in your partner

A sense of security is also important - shame can break everything. Trust allows the body and brain to do their job without stress. We’re talking about enjoying sex and pleasure that can end in a squirt (or not), not a 2-hour 30-minute marathon. Don’t demand your partner to achieve goals, enjoy each other and yourself. Set up the space and be ready to get messy

Squatting involves making a mess in the room. If you are a squirt beginner, it may be a whole fountain and wet walls - it is worth preparing. Use special absorbent sheets or several towels to absorb moisture. To reduce stress about this, just accept the possibility of a mess.

Step 2: Arouse yourself (your partner) properly

Create the right atmosphere, engage in foreplay, and explore erogenous zones. Knowing your body and preferences is part of the journey to squirt. When fully aroused, the genitals become naturally moisturized. This is what we can see. But what can we feel? Passion, desire, and complete surrender to each other and the process.

Playing with the clitoris

First, play with your clitoris to warm up. Do you remember the anatomy? The visible bit of the clitoris is part of a large organ that is very close to the front wall of the vagina and is actually part of the G-spot. Some clitoris owners need to stimulate it throughout the process, some only at the beginning. Which category do you belong to?

Perineal sponge back wall stimulation

The perineal sponge is a pad of tissue saturated with blood vessels and nerve endings located between the back wall of the vagina and the rectum. During hand masturbation, inserting your fingers both vaginally and anally will be convenient. Massage the tissues between your fingers gently and bring the squirt closer. Stimulating the urethral sponge

The urethral sponge tissue is located toward the front wall of the vagina, around the urethra. It is supposed to compress the urethra during orgasm and prevent urine from coming out. Some people like the stimulation of the urethral sponge, and some don’t. Check how pleasant it is for you. Try pointing a sex toy or penis only along the front wall of the vagina (convenient when your partner is behind you).

Spot your G-spot!

As I said, the G-spot is not really a spot. It is an area on the front wall of the vagina. With gentle, calm movements, feel this area with your finger and feel where the tissue is more elastic and firm. Stimulation of the G-spot feels more pleasant, so let that be your guide. Finding it is very important for achieving a squirt.

Step 3: It’s squirting time!

Are you ready? I think we’ve done our best to prepare. You’ve talked about your feelings with your partner, prepared towels, organized a passionate atmosphere, reviewed your anatomy, and relaxed completely. Make sure you or your partner is horny enough. Now we move on to… Put intense pressure on the G-spot

Insert the middle two fingers into the vagina, bending them towards the abdomen. The little finger and ring finger should be on the perineum, pointing down towards the anus. Move your middle fingers up and down the front wall of the vagina. Do not lose contact with your partner to do these most pleasantly. But to achieve a squirt, the action on the G-spot should be stronger than just petting. Don’t stop when you urge to pee

In any case, you will have the urge to pee. Don’t hold back! Following the urge is the key to squirting. The pelvic muscles have a natural tendency to contract when the G-spot is stimulated. To squirt, you need to control these muscles and stretch them out to release the ejaculate. It doesn’t feel like peeing and is more pleasant than a regular orgasm. Just let it happen.

Your go-to squirting “tools”

Lubricant, fingers, and sex toys are your best helpers in achieving squirt. Play around with finding a comfortable position, and choose the “tool” that is most pleasant to stimulate the G-spot. Feel what action you like best. Practice in private to avoid embarrassment.


Be sure to use a lubricant during sex to prevent injury and infection of the delicate mucous membranes of the genitals. Prefer a water-based lubricant if you have silicone toys. Additional moisturizing plays an important role in arousing and softening all sensations, thus increasing pleasure.


Sometimes it’s more comfortable to stimulate the G-spot with your partner’s fingers. When a woman wants to quickly switch to the clitoris, pulling out a penis or a toy can be too long and miss the moment. This is one of the options, not an axiom.


A universal tool for pleasure. For squirt, you need to select the desired function - G-spot stimulation. For example, Womanizer Duo is a toy from the clitoral sucking vibrator category. The vibration of the vaginal part has several patterns and intensity levels. You can choose your favorite one. And the clitoral sucking part will warm you up and prepare for the gushing.

Another suitable one is The Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2 - the same category but with a different shape and clit suction system. It has a particularly strong vibration, which is better for achieving a “wet climax”. Both toys are ideal for solo sex at home.


What’s up, guys, girls, and non-binary people? We’ve touched on all the essentials of achieving a squirt. In theory. Now it’s time to move on to practice. Remember, if you or your partner can’t achieve squirt, it’s okay. Each person is different and unique. This exploration aims to enjoy, relax, and explore the possibilities of your sexuality. Since a person changes almost every day and tomorrow you may feel something different, don’t miss the chance to have a new experience today.

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