Honest Lovense Lush 3 Review: Can Vibrating Egg Lead You to Public Orgasm?

Honest Lovense Lush 3 Review: Can Vibrating Egg Lead You to Public Orgasm?

Updating is always a part of the improvement. But what can I say about modernized Lovense’s Lush line adult toys? Who is the new Lush 3 suitable for? How is it different from the previous Lush 2? I reviewed this latest pink vibrating egg by Lovense, and here is my honest opinion.

What is LUSH 3 and how it works?

Lush 3 by Lovense is a remarkable remote-control egg vibrator - an innovative and elegant sex toy for the most demanding lovers.

It uses the latest technology and is made of high-quality material. This makes Lush 3 waterproof and rechargeable and expands the possibilities of its use. Of course, the updated Lush 3 has more advanced features - more power, an improved battery, and Bluetooth connectivity.

What is very exciting is the free Lovense app to control vibration modes. It will add variety to your sex life wherever you are. Using the vibrator in public places when your partner takes control of the toy will add a particular fire. Or maybe you want to play alone?

Comfort & Satisfaction

If you are looking for a public play or foreplay toy - Lovense Lush 3 is perfect for you.

This adult toy is astonishing as foreplay - you can fix it inside, go for a walk in the park or bar and even talk to the bartender while the egg is vibrating inside you. Yes, your partner can remotely turn on Lash 3 and, by agreement, choose the time and place to start your preparatory game. You will surely have fun together.

To make use more comfortable, consider the size of your vagina before buying because there is one caveat - this vibrator may slip out if it is narrower. You may need to consider how to use it best - wear tighter spandex underwear or leave this toy for home foreplay.

Tech, form, and design of the "love egg" vibrator

Lush 3 is a relatively small sex toy. Lovense has also redesigned the toy's tail in this version. It is now 5.3 inches (135 mm) long, and the texture is denser, giving it a C-shape. This also gives more pleasurable sensations because this shape provides greater sensitivity to vibration. This unique form with a curve and only one control button is pretty comfortable.

Lash 3 has three levels of sustained vibration and four pulse and escalation patterns to find the setting you’ll like.

This vibrator, despite its small size, can reach the G-spot and stimulate it very nicely because Lovense Lush 3 is fairly strong. It has an incredibly powerful motor located at the base of the toy. But not as potent as those larger vibrators. Here I have to remind you that this sex toy is made for fun and additional stimulation, not for orgasm.

What about the material?

The newest and most advanced Lush 3 vibrator from Lovense is made of mucosa-friendly silicone, which makes the product very soft, smooth, and more comfortable than older models. It looks costly and high quality.

Therefore, you can safely leave it inside for several hours and not be afraid that it will cause irritation or discomfort - it is convenient and safe.

Is Lush 3 noisy or quiet?

Although the motor in the Lash 3 egg is powerful for this category, it does not arouse the suspicions of the people around it because its noise is less than 40 dB. That is, its silence makes it ideal for public flirting.

But when held in your hands, this small pink egg can create quite a noisy and powerful vibration. But why hold such a wonderful thing in your hands? It is not made for that!

What about the price?

Lush 3 is in the same price range as Lovense Dolce, the best price for it is 119$ on the official website. You will not overpay because its quality and functionality are impressive. If we compare with other Lovense models - Ferri or Domi2, the price for Lash 3 will be higher, but let's be clear, these are entirely different products. Therefore, it is a fair price for such a sex toy; however, only you decide how much money you are willing to spend on sexual wellness.

What do people say about Lush 3?

Well, I have looked through hundreds of reviews on this adult toy, and here is my summary. Most people like this sex toy, some would like a wider shape for the penetration part, some girls found it perfect for Kegel exercises, and some said that the girls exaggerated their capabilities in the video reviews. Also familiar to most reviews is that you will not get an orgasm from Lash 3, but this is already clear based on its purpose. Unanimously, most recommend it for public sex games and warming up before sex.

Perfect for foreplay

As you already understand, there is no better sex toy than Lush 3 for adults in long-distance relationships. It is also perfect for renewing your intimacy if you need additional stimulation, longer foreplay, or a juicy sex warm-up. Or you just like experiments - you have to buy such a fun thing.

My final verdict

You have to try LUSH 3 by Lovense! It is entertaining and exciting for both partners of the couple. This vibrating egg has become trendy because of its excellent soft material and remote control from a free app. Notably, it has become the leading public sex toy.

You should remember that this is not a clitoral stimulator, the tail gives small vibrations, but it is not designed for orgasm because it is the strong vibration that comes from the egg inside the vagina and stimulates the G-spot. The work of Lush 3 will be enough to enjoy the game itself and increase your curiosity so that you warm up a lot before the main event with your partner so that you are tensely waiting for privacy together.

LUSH 3 by Lovense met all my expectations! Therefore, I can safely recommend this updated device in the new year.

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