18 Best Satisfying Sex Toys For Everyone in 2024

18 Best Satisfying Sex Toys For Everyone in 2024

What is waiting for you in the coming year? Lots and lots of fun and sex. We’ve carefully compiled a list of sex devices that you should pay attention to.

Top sex toys for Women

How to choose the best sex toy? Which one is better, vaginal or clitoral? A thousand and one questions arise when you want to choose something specific. Especially when there are countless sex toys for women, and they’re all so alluring. Let’s start with this: do you want something vibrating or without additional technology?


Dildos exist to make you imagine that it is a real penis with all its curves and details. The best dildos are those that give you a feeling of fullness, softness, and hardness at the same time, skillfully massage the G-spot, and are suitable for anal play. Our list of top dildos includes the most realistic and hottest specimens. Check it out.

Best handcrafted realistic dildo: Realcock 2

The RealCock 2 is an ultra-realistic dildo handmade by RealDoll. Available in 6 sizes and 3 skin tones, each dildo has intricately crafted details like veins, folds, and hand-painted color for a lifelike look and feel. Made from platinum silicone over an internal skeleton, the dildos provide a firm yet flexible experience.

Starting at $499, the RealCock 2 aims to deliver unbelievable realism through its innovative 3-layer silicone design that reacts like real skin. Users say the texture and sensation provide an unparalleled intimate experience.

While the RealCock 2 commands a premium price, fans of high-end sex toys say the exclusivity, quality craftsmanship, and orgasmic sensation make it worthwhile for those seeking the most realistic encounter possible.

If you appreciate first-rate intimate products and don’t mind the 4-6 week crafting time, check out the features and user feedback in our full RealCock 2 review to see if this exclusive dildo is right for you.

Best budget porn star realistic dildo: Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks

The Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks dildo is modeled after adult star Boomer Banks’ anatomy for a hyper-realistic experience. Handcrafted from body-safe platinum silicone, it captures every vein and folds in meticulous detail. With a total length of 21.59cm and width of 5.33cm, this girthy dildo features an uncut design and textured shaft.

Priced around $65, the dildo is versatile enough to use solo or with a partner and compatible with Fleshlights and Vac-U-Lock toys. Users describe an incredibly lifelike feel during use. While the large size may be too intense for some, fans of Boomer Banks will appreciate this anatomically accurate replica.

If you seek an exclusive dildo molded from a popular adult actor or have experience with above-average toys, the quality and realism of the Fleshjack Boys Boomer Banks dildo makes it a thrilling option. Just be sure to use plenty of water-based lube. Check out the full review for more details on sizing, texture, specs, and user feedback to see if this silicone reproduction satisfies your desires.


Do you prefer vibrating sex toys? Then you’ll appreciate this selection of devices that suck, buzz, bend, play with the clitoris, and massage the G-spot. Some even do it all at the same time. You’ll definitely find something special for yourself. Read on.

Best suction vibrator: We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe Melt combines strong vibrations with pulsating suction for an intense clitoral experience. Using patented Pleasure Air Technology, it surrounds the clitoris without direct contact, providing feelings of licking and sucking. With 12+ intensity modes adjustable via the app, it can induce orgasm in minutes.

Crafted from smooth, body-safe silicone, the rechargeable Melt is 100% waterproof for wet fun anywhere. Its compact, ergonomic shape allows for solo play or use during sex. Couples praise the Melt for enhancing intimacy and synchronizing climaxes. Priced at $149, the Melt earns rave reviews for its rapid, robust climaxes courtesy of the suction and rumbling vibrations. Users say it delivers natural, satisfying sensations and hands-free fun when controlled by a partner.

If you seek a versatile toy to intensify solo sessions or shared bedroom play, the We-Vibe Melt’s combination of air stimulation and deep vibrations could be the perfect choice. Read more details on the modes, mobile app connectivity, and real customer experiences in our full review.

Best clitoral bullet finger vibrator: We-Vibe Tango

The We-Vibe Tango is a compact, powerful clitoral vibrator shaped like a mini bullet. At just 2.5 inches long, it delivers targeted stimulation and fits discreetly in a purse or bag. With 8 vibration modes and a rumbling motor, the waterproof Tango induces intense sensations.

Crafted from body-safe ABS plastic, the rechargeable Tango is ideal for solo play or couples and completely submersible for bathtub fun. Its tapered tip concentrates pulsations directly on the clitoris. While small, the Tango packs a punch with deep, rumbling vibrations that users say are unmatched.

Priced at $79, the Tango earns rave reviews for its petite yet mighty performance. Fans love the convenience, intensity, and versatility in such a tiny vibe. Downsides are potential issues with charging and durability over time.

If you seek a powerful clitoral vibrator that’s portable and discreet enough to stash in your bag, the We-Vibe Tango could be the perfect accessory. Read more in our full review on its features, wireless charging, modes and real customer feedback.

Best clitoral suction vibrator + g-spot stimulation: Tracy’s Dog Og Pro 2

The Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2 combines clitoral suction and rumbling vibrations in a dual stimulator sex toy. With 10 modes each for the G-spot vibrator and clit sucking, it provides intense internal and external pleasure simultaneously. The smooth silicone design is fully waterproof, and the toy includes a wireless remote for hands-free play.

Praised for its strong motors and deeply satisfying sensations, the rechargeable OG Pro 2 retails for $64. Users love the broad range of patterns and intensities, saying the suction feels incredibly lifelike. While not the quietest toy, many find the power worth the noise.

If you seek a versatile vibrator that targets both hot spots at once, the Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2 is a thrilling option. With customizable stimulation and an ergonomic shape, it’s ideal for solo sessions or foreplay. Read more details on the charging time, warranty, modes, and real customer reviews in our full breakdown.

Best rabbit clitoral + g-spot stimulating vibrator: Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo is a dual-stimulation sex toy combining clitoral suction and rumbling internal vibration. Using patented Pleasure Air Technology, the external nozzle surrounds the clitoris with air pressure waves while the insertable arm delivers 12 modes of deep vibration. With separate controls, users can customize the intensity on each end.

While bulky in design, the IPX7 waterproof Duo is praised for its high-end look and powerful motors. The body-safe silicone construction provides a smooth feel and easy cleaning. Priced at $239, the Duo is ideal for solo sensual play, with the sucking and vibrating bringing rapid, intense climaxes.

If you seek a feature-packed toy to indulge your desires through air pulsing and deep internal vibration, the Womanizer Duo is a thrilling choice. Some downsides mentioned are potential charging issues and inconvenient size for traveling. Read more details in our full review before you treat yourself to this dual-stimulation delight.

Best bendable sucking & G-spot flapping vibrator: Phanxy

The Phanxy bendable vibrator is a versatile, budget-friendly sex toy with four functions: vibration, flapping, sucking, and bending. It has separate buttons to control each mode, allowing for customized solo or couples play.

The insertable end provides three speeds of vibration and four patterns of flapping to target the G-spot. Users praise the power and gentleness of these sensations. The external end features seven suction intensities for clitoral stimulation, though some reviews say this function is weaker.

With an overall size of 23cm, the smooth silicone construction bends into a C-shape and is completely waterproof. Available in pink or purple, the toy charges in two hours for one hour of play. It operates quietly at less than 50 decibels.

Priced at an affordable $49, the multifunctional Phanxy aims to offer versatility through its combination of vibration, flapping, sucking and flexibility. It’s easy to use with clearly marked buttons. Drawbacks are the weak clitoral suction and potential to bend during firm thrusting.

If you seek an inexpensive toy for both internal and external stimulation, the Phanxy bendable vibrator could satisfy solo or partner play. Check out the full Phanxy review for more on the settings, performance, and real customer feedback.

Best sonic wave clitoral stimulation LELO Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise

The LELO Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise are sonic clitoral vibrators that use sound waves instead of direct contact to stimulate the clitoris. Their smooth silicone heads have 12 intensity levels to deliver pulsating sensations. While their designs are identical, the Sona 2 Cruise features stronger vibration and constant speed technology.

Both rechargeable models are 100% waterproof for wet fun anywhere. At full power, they can be quite loud at 60 decibels but provide intense stimulation that some praise as deeply satisfying. The ergonomic shape and one-button interface also make them easy to use solo or with a partner.

With an average price of $129, users note these LELO toys provide uniquely intense yet comfortable climax compared to standard vibrators. Drawbacks mentioned are the high noise level and lack of versatility for couple play.

If you have a high clitoral stimulation threshold and seek strong sonic vibrations, the LELO Sona 2 or Sona 2 Cruise could satisfy your desires. Check out the full LELO Sona 2 review for more details on the technology, settings, and real customer experiences before treating yourself.

Best all-in-on variety vibrator: Eroscillator

The Eroscillator is a unique clitoral stimulator that oscillates instead of vibrates to provide gentle yet powerful sensations. Its smooth, ergonomic handle has three speed settings and attachments like the Soft Finger, Grapes, and G-Spot that can target different erogenous zones.

Rather than numbness from vibration, the Eroscillator’s subtle oscillations feel closer to manual stimulation and allow repeated climaxes. It runs on an outlet with a 12 foot cord and is nearly silent.

Made of body-safe plastics, the Eroscillator has interchangeable tips from $35-230 depending on the set. It earns praise for delivering long-lasting pleasure versus standard vibrators, but some find it too gentle.

If you want an intimate massager that won’t desensitize delicate areas, the Eroscillator’s patented oscillation technology could satisfy. Check out the full Eroscillator review for more on the sensation, attachments, and real customer experiences.

Most beautiful clitoral suction vibrator: INYA Rose

The INYA Rose combines clitoral suction and vibration in a discreet, rose-shaped toy. Its silicone petals house a motor that provides 7 patterns of pulsating suction and deep rumbling vibrations simultaneously. With just one button to cycle through 3 speeds, it offers quick, intense stimulation.

At around 4 inches long, the splashproof Rose fits nicely in the palm and is praised for its elegant, non-phallic aesthetic. It charges magnetically in 90 minutes for up to 2 hours of play. Users mention it works best for those with some experience who enjoy strong sensation on the clitoris.

Priced at $46, the Rose earns rave reviews for delivering fast, robust climaxes from the dual suction and vibration motors. Some find it overwhelmingly intense on higher speeds.

If you seek a compact yet mighty suction vibrator with a pretty design, the INYA Rose could make your solo sessions bloom. Check our full INYA Rose review.

Best sex toys for men (male/him)

Looking for the best sex toy for your penis? There’s a lot of room for imagination and desire in this category. Choose between realistic sex dolls, strokers, and toys with and without vibration. Read on for the best sex toys for men today. What’s right for you?

Best realistic sexdolls: RealDoll

The RealDoll sex dolls offer an incredibly realistic and customizable experience in the world of adult toys. Handcrafted for each order, similar to the Real Cock 2, these dolls are more akin to art pieces, boasting intricate details from joint hinges to lifelike pupils in their eyes. The RealDollX model even features built-in AI for a talking and responsive experience. The dolls provide a lifelike feel with their double-layer silicone skin, making them highly realistic.

While ordering, you can find multiple customization options, including eye color, hair color, height, skin tone, pubic hair, and labia. Some models even allow for interchangeable faces and components, providing versatility. The dolls’ vaginal design can accommodate up to 30 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter.

With such realism and top-notch quality, the price is a factor, starting at $5000 and going up to $7500 depending on the model. Real Doll’s waiting time for production can range from 6 to 8 months.

Overall, RealDoll sex dolls offer hyperrealism, a wide range of customization options, discreet packaging, and the realization of intimate preferences. However, they come at a high cost and require patience due to the waiting period.

If you’re willing to invest in an exceptionally realistic experience, these dolls might be worth the price. For a more detailed review, including user experiences, visit our full RealDoll sex doll review.

Best vibrating cock ring: Je Joue Mio

The Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cock Ring is a versatile male sex toy designed for enhanced pleasure. This high-quality device offers “bigger, harder, stronger, longer” orgasms, thanks to its powerful vibe motor and stretchy, comfortable design. It can be used in various ways, including stimulating the clitoris during intercourse and provides deep vibration massage for added satisfaction.

The Mio by Je Joue features a simple, well-made design with user-friendly controls, offering five vibration intensity levels and seven pulsation patterns. It’s made from medical-grade, phthalate-free silicone and is 100% waterproof, allowing for fun in the shower or bath. While priced at $93 on Amazon, it offers good value for its quality.

Overall, the Je Joue Mio Cock Ring is a flexible and adaptable option for users of different penis sizes, offering strong but quiet vibrations. It’s suitable for solo and couples use, making it a worthwhile addition to your intimate experiences.

For more details and user experiences, read our full Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cock Ring review.


Bravo to the inventors of masturbators! After all, this greatly diversifies solo male games. Progress has been so significant that you can relieve stress even in the office WC with a disposable masturbator. Or maybe you want something with a vibe? Take a look at what I have for you.

Best disposable egg masturbator: Tenga Egg

The Tenga Egg is a male disposable sleeve masturbator in the shape of an egg. It’s a very soft, stretchy, discreet, and compact pleasure device. Simply unwrap, add the included lube, and slide it over. The Tenga Egg creates a vacuum effect with every stroke, affecting the most sensitive points of the penis.

You can choose from 12 variants with unique internal texture patterns and hardness levels. The toy fits any penis size and is perfect for spontaneous pleasure anywhere, anytime.

The price of Tenga Egg varies between $6.50 and $10 per one. A set of 6 eggs costs $39. The affordability and compactness of these sleeve eggs make them a great travel masturbator. If you are looking for a disposable sex toy, read more about what to expect from a minimalist sleeve in the Tenga Egg review.

Best masturbator overall: Lovense Gush

The Lovense Gush is a rechargeable vibrating masturbator designed to stimulate the glans penis. It can be used in a hands-free way on the head and shaft, or you can stroke the penis with the toy by hand.

Two hours of operation, 3 intensity levels, and 10 pre-programmed vibration patterns are available by default. Gush also connects to the Lovense mobile app to customize personalized vibration patterns and even match them to the rhythm of your favorite song. Or, you can transfer control of the toy to your partner when he/іру is in another city.

This toy is universal for all penis sizes, as it has movable elastic «wings» to cover. In any case, you’ll find an O-ring seal in the package. The Gush by Lovense is suitable for solo masturbation and long-distance couples’ sex. The $119 waterproof vibe massager is convenient to take to the shower and organize wet play.

Expand your understanding of male masturbation and find more information about Lovense Gush in our detailed review.

Best intense stimulation masturbator: Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga Flip Zero is a men’s sleeve masturbator with a unique design. The silicone core and hard flip-up outer part make Tenga comfortable to use and care for. The internal structure has bends, hemispheres, ribs, and hollows that fit snugly to the penis. And the clamp system creates an incredible vacuum effect. Just pour more lube inside and enjoy.

The cosmic design of the Tenga Flip Zero and its “sexual neutrality” are beautiful. Although the transparency of the silicone, on the contrary, creates a hot visual effect.

The Tenga Flip Zero will be appreciated by people looking for an intense masturbator without vibration and additional electronics. It fits the average range of penis sizes (up to 8 inches in length).

For about $100, you can buy a Flip Zero by Tenga and experience its benefits. According to reviews, it works well. Read the full Tenga Flip Zero review to find out how to use it properly and what features and disadvantages it has.

Best sex toys for couples

What is the most crucial thing in a relationship? Passion, playfulness, and pleasure together. Sex toys can rekindle the fire of a couple who have celebrated 30 years together. And they can also ignite the flame of modest beginners. That’s how wonderful they are. I have a list of toys for couples that will make everyone happy. Take a look!

Best sext toy with remote vibrator: We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus is a remote sex toy that stimulates the clitoris, G-spot, and penis simultaneously because it’s a couple’s toy. It’s packed with features and uses.

You can control the Chorus with sensor buttons, a remote control, or via the mobile app. We-Vibe Chorus has more than 10 vibration modes and a flexible neck that opens up to 120 degrees. This ingenious creation from We-Vibe will give you pleasure if you want to play in public with your lover: nothing indecent, just a tiny vibrating toy in her vagina and a remote control in his hand.

During penetrative sex, place Chorus vaginally and climax at the same time. And this is its most beautiful advantage among others.

The We-Vibe Chorus is quiet, compact, discrete, and yet capable of bringing you to a violent orgasm. It’s perfect for couples who want to add or get passion back to their relationship.

A waterproof toy from We-Vibe that costs almost $200 has advantages and disadvantages. You can evaluate how well the double-sex toy suits you in the full We-Vibe Chorus review.

Best sex machine: Hismith HS06-app

The Hismith HS06-app is a unique sex device that brings your favorite dildo to life and frees your hands. This sex machine is a must-have for couples who want to get new actors into their intimate sessions but not people.

This sex machine doesn’t have a sleek design, but its functionality is impressive. The HS06-app can adapt to 10 positions, including cowgirl, missionary, and doggy, thanks to its adaptable two-legged design. With 240 rpm and 20 thrusting modes, it is not a joke. The sex machine from Hismith has a Vac-U-Lock attachment system that can be replaced with a Kliclok, a suction cup, and others to use any of your favourite dildos. Any sex toy with a suitable attachment or adapter can be added to the HS06-app, including Real Cock 2.

You can buy the Hismith HS06-app from $500 and make it your third sex partner. Or the fourth, or the only one. Learn about all the features of this full-size sex machine in the Hismith HS06-app review.

Best dual vibrator: Lovense Dolce

Lovense Dolce is a strong dual (clitoral and G-spot) vibrator. The internal head measures 1.5x3.5 inches, which means that you can’t fit your penis vaginally with the toy. Its “couple” lies in the incredible remote toy control via the Lovense mobile app. You can enjoy an infinite number of vibration modes and patterns, create your own, or synchronize with your favorite music.

The Dolce can bend up to 120 degrees to adapt to any woman’s anatomy. The clitoral head fits comfortably in place. A full battery will last you up to 2 hours of battery life.

Covered with safe, velvety silicone, Lovense Dolce costs around $120 and is perfect as an anniversary gift for your loved one. Dolce is especially suitable for those couples who have to stay in different cities or countries. If you want to learn more about the best dual vibrator for couples, check out the full Lovense Dolce review with real reviews and details.

Sexual wellness and sex toys

Sex toys are incredible gifts to humanity from technological progress. They are designed to make relationships with yourself and your partner more open, trusting, and healthy. With the help of sex toys, designed for all genders, orientations, couples, males and females you can reveal and emphasize your sexuality or have fun. Sometimes, we just want to have fun, right?

In our list of «Best Satisfying Sex Toys», everyone will be able to find a toy that suits them perfectly. If you have any doubts or want to learn more about any of the listed sex devices, click on the links and read the full reviews. Chin chin!

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